20 Jul 2017

Help Miscellaneous

  1. Error window when opening the clip
  2. Cannot play URL
  3. Video and/or audio plays incorrectly
  4. Incorrect playback in VLC
  5. There are no audio when playing video


If you cannot find the answer below, do not hesitate to use Contact form or send e-mail directly to support@3dyd.com.

Error window when opening the clip

When you see an error window (like here), that means there was fatal error and filter could not open a clip. Error description and log may help to determine and resolve the issue (e.g. network problem).

If an URL is from supported site and does play in a browser, you may report about the issue. Log from error window in this case would be appreciated.

"All formats are ignored due the settings"

There are no formats nor (in case of adaptive streams) their combinations that satisfy Formats to ignore and Muxing exceptions settings.

You can inspect available formats using Manual quality selection window and then adjust these options.

Cannot play URL

If URL does not play and you are not getting any error messages from the filter at clip opening, then at first ensure that URL has protocol string (i.e. starts with http:// or https://). Also check clip in browser, it might be just removed from the site.

If URL is ok, go to filter settings and ensure that there is checked option Common Show error window when failed to open a clip. If it is not, check it and try to open the video again. If error window does appear now, read Error window when opening the clip.

If error window does not appear, go to filter settings and select Always in Manual quality selection option. Now check an URL again. Next step depends on whether the filter shows window with available qualities or not.

If window appears then read Video and/or audio plays incorrectly below.

If it does not then at first re-install the filter. Windows have only one place for registering such filters so registration info could be just overwritten by some other program. If it is so then filter will be just not loaded at all.

If you still do not get qualities window nor any message box from the filter at clip opening, prepend URL protocol (i.e. 'http'/'https' part) with 'y' character. That is it, instead of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXXXX use yhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXXXX. Some players anyway do their own processing for URLs. This custom protocol is used by the filter exclusively, so that way there will be bypassed any URL processing that is done by the video player.

If there are still no sign of using filter by the player then the player may not able to use DirectShow source filters the way the filter expects this.

Video and/or audio plays incorrectly

Probably it is decoding problem. Filter provides access to media files for upstream filters in the chain. In other words, filter is not the one who actually decodes the file, video player should be able to do this by itself.

If your player supports external codecs, try to install the latest codecs.

Alternatively you can use Manual quality selection window to determine problematic formats and disable them in the filter settings.

When this window appears on the screen, formats that are selected there are the same that filter would use automatically. So they are problematic. Select other formats to check out whether they are ok.

If only specific set of formats produces a problem, you can disable it using Formats to ignore setting.

Incorrect playback in VLC

MP4 DASH playback is not going well (at least in default VLC installation). The same is when only one of streams (video or audio) is MP4 DASH. WebM DASH playback is perfectly fine.

To disable MP4 DASH streams go to filter settings, enter mp4-vo;m4a in Formats to ignore and webm+m4a in Muxing exceptions. Also check option Enable Youtube DASH streams there if it is not checked yet.

There are no audio when playing video

At first check this video clip in the browser. In case of Youtube some videos may get audio muted on Youtube side due to copyright reasons.

If audio is played fine in the browser, uncheck Enable Youtube DASH streams. Your video player may not support multiple streams reported by the filter. In this case it uses first stream (which is video-only stream) and ignores second one (which is audio-only stream).

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