1. Error window on opening
  2. Cannot play URL
  3. Video and/or audio plays incorrectly


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Error window on opening

When you see an error window (like here), it means there was fatal error and filter could not do anything about that. Error description and log message may help to determine and resolve the issue (e.g. network problem).

If an URL is from supported site and works in a browser, you can report about this issue via Report a Problem link in the error window. It will redirect to the contact form on the site with already prefilled Log and configuration info that greatly increases the chances for this issue to be reproduced and resolved.

Cannot play URL

Ensure you specify full URL (including http:// or https:// URL scheme). Also check if the video can be opened in a browser.

If URL is ok, open filter configuration and ensure that option General Analysis Show error window on failure is checked. If it is not, check it and try to open the video again. If error window does appear now, read Error window on opening.

If error window does not appear, go to filter configuration General Quality Manual selection and select Always. Now try that URL again. Next step depends on whether the filter shows window with available qualities or not.

If window appears then read Video and/or audio plays incorrectly below.

If it does not then at first re-install the filter. Windows has only one place for associate filters with URL scheme so registration info could be just overwritten by some other program.

If you still do not get qualities window nor any message box from the filter at video opening, prepend URL scheme (i.e. http:// or https:// part) with ys+ prefix. That is it, instead of use ys+ URL. This custom URL scheme used exclusively by the filter, so this way URL will be passed straight to it.

If there are still no sign of using filter by the player then the player may just not able to use DirectShow source filters the way the filter expects this.

Video and/or audio plays incorrectly

It may be decoding problem. Filter provides access to media files for downstream filters in DirectShow graph. In other words, filter is not the one who actually decodes the file. You might have a luck checking for decoding problems in context of the player you use.

You can use Manual quality selection window to determine problematic formats and disable them in the filter configuration.

When this window appears on the screen, checked formats are the ones that would be used when selected automatically by the filter. They are the problematic ones so you can try other formats.

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