20 Jul 2017

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Manual quality selection

Filter provides the ability to manually select what quality to play. During the URL opening, after it fetched info about all available qualities, it shows the window containing these qualities. So you can inspect it and select one appropriate for you.

Whether to show list of qualities or select quality automatically is controlled by Manual quality selection option.

Window is resizable. Example of how it may look like:

Quality selection window

You can view detailed info about each media file in the list:

Quality details tooltip

When option Enable Youtube DASH streams is checked, these streams will be also listed there. For adaptive video streams columns Audio will be empty in this case indicating that they are video-only streams. The same is with audio-only streams and Videocolumn.

Quality selection window with DASH streams

In case of adaptive streams you can select any combination of video and audio to play.

Help Usage Manual quality selection