Version details

2.0 (06-Oct-2019)

Let's welcome version 2.0. This is the most biggest update since initial release in 2013.

Main conception has not changed - this is still source filter for DirectShow. But the devil is in the details.

NOTE, it does not use settings from version 1.x, so all settings will be set to default values on first run.


Beta changelog

  • (beta 2) fixed Youtube live streams being not properly recognized due to internal change on the site
  • (beta 2) improved youtube-dl support
  • (beta 3) fixed inability to set custom directory in option Network Temporary directory
  • (beta 3) fixed possible error when seeking files on some sites
  • (beta 3) fixed possible error executing youtube-dl when its path contains non-Latin characters
  • (beta 4) fixed not working log recording to file
  • (beta 4) fixed not working youtube-dl sites which rely on HTTP headers collected by youtube-dl during the analysis. Only for streams represented by single file. HLS streams still cannot be played since actual downloading in this case is performed by the splitter and there is no way to pass HTTP headers to it
  • (beta 4) filter config is now stored in json instead of binary file. All settings except paths to third-party binaries will migrate automatically on first run but you better still check filter config if you have changed some of the settings
  • (beta 5) popup windows positions are now restored on next run
  • (beta 5) option Show icon in system tray now works immediately instead of on the next run
  • (beta 5) fixed analysis error when one supported site redirects to another supported site
  • (beta 6) fixed analysis being incorrectly performed twice for sites supported out of the box
  • (beta 6) results from youtube-dl 'generic' extractor are discarded now unless option Analysis Process unknown URLs is enabled
  • (beta 6) fixed embedded youtube analyzer sometimes incorrectly reporting qualities that do not exist
  • (beta 6) added dash qualities support for embedded facebook analyzer
  • (beta 7) added criteria testing for Quality Main source and Quality Extra source. Testing is currently possible only after analysis has been done for some URL. I.e. after you have opened URL in some program, you can invoke filter properties within this program and make use of criteria testing feature
  • (beta 7) checking for youtube-dl updates now also possible when its source is set to External or System (previously it was possible only for Managed source)
  • (beta 7) fixed inability to get Youtube streams due to change on the site
  • (beta 8) added option Quality Condition for extra source. If main source matches crition selected in it an extra source gets selected. Previously extra source was selected by hard-coded condition
  • (beta 8) fixed inability to retrieve Youtube streams info if some of them are larger than 2GB
  • (beta 8) added Include condition to include other criteria in the current one
  • (beta 8) made Optional condition modifier to be global i.e. all criteria now can use it
  • (beta 8) added global condition modifier Negated which inverts matching result of any condition
  • (beta 8) removed all negation operators specific for particular conditions as this functionality is now shipped by global condition modifier Negated
  • (beta 8) removed textual property operator matches glob since it brings neither additional functionality nor flexibility
  • (beta 8) added textual property operator contains. So the final set of operators for textual properties is: is equal to and contains for most common use cases and matches regex for everything else
  • (beta 8) made it possible to hide arbitrary criteria from criteria combo box by appending criteria name with dollar sign
  • (beta 8) added stream property container.fragmented (boolean) that is true if stream consists of multiple chunks insterad of singe file (that is HLS or fragmented DASH)
  • (beta 8) added Properties context menu item of qualities list control in criteria test window
  • (beta 8) tuned default criteria to exclude fragmented DASH streams as widely unsupported and to use extra source only when main source is known to be DASH video without audio
  • (beta 8) make it possible to select, edit and test criteria from the quality selection window
  • (final) added stream property (string) which contains site identifier (site name or hostname) so it is easier now to compose criteria depending on origin

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