20 Jul 2017

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VLC plugin

How to install

Extract appropriate plugin version (x86 or x64) to vlc/plugins/access directory (since it is 'access'-type plugin, however you can place it anywhere under plugins directory). Well, that's it.

To ensure that it is recognized by VLC go to menu Tools Plugins and extensions Plugins and check plugins list, '3DYD Youtube Source' should be listed there.

Note, this is not standalone plugin. It requires 3DYD Youtube Source filter installed in the system.


Also since it uses filter, all filter settings take effect for it too. Manual quality selection when opening the clip is also supported.

Filter icon is displayed in system tray (if this is allowed in filter settings), so there is accessible all info for which the system tray icon provides an access.

Tested with VLC 2.2.4, both x86 and x64 versions. It might be just the case with testing environment, but opening on x64 version goes significantly faster.

Some formats have issues. Check this topic for details: Incorrect playback in VLC

Help Miscellaneous VLC plugin